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R.I.P Dan
Aug 15, 2011
Former Players


“We should’ve beat the Philly guys,” said Donte Greene, who teamed with LeBron, Melo and CP3 in Team Melo’s loss to Team Philly. “But at the end of the day, it was a tough atmosphere, tough crowd, tough whatever, whatever the excuse we have. I think we’re going to be able to go out there and get this one. We have a lot of young guys on the team, and we’re going to run and gun and just put on a show.”

“It was supposed to be a Baltimore team, but it was more of an NBA team I guess,” said Greene, who will play on the D.C. team against Team Philly. “With this team, you got myself and everybody I play with this team is from the area. You got a lot of guys playing on the team that grew up together. That chemistry we have goes a long ways.”

“They were playing hard,” Greene said about Team Philly’s win over Team Melo. “They had the whole Philly behind them. That’s a great feeling to have a whole city behind you and you’re playing for your city. So you have to go out there and have that pride, and they brought it.”

The two candidates for the Suns would be the four years and $27 million Josh Childress has left and the two years and $8 million (plus a team option) Hakim Warrick has on his deal. If Sarver is willing to bite the bullet on $27 million, Childress is the obvious play since losing Warrick would only provide an additional $4 million of cap space post-2012 whereas the team would save $21 million from 2012-15 with Childress.

Such a move would mean Phoenix would have just four current players on the books for $17.5 million (Gortat, Dudley, Frye and Warrick) with cheap deals for Markieff Morris and next year’s rookie likely added to that mix.


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