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Monday's Articles Page II


R.I.P Dan
Aug 15, 2011

Analysis: How Syracuse's move to the ACC will impact Orange football

Poliquin: Moving to the ACC may be a mixed bag for Syracuse, but it does give the Orange sanctuary

Response to change is positive for SU

Syracuse and Pittsburgh Switch Conferences, Sowing Chaos

FB | Cooper: Orange needs freshmen to grow up fast

SU #5 in Athlon Power Rankings

3-point stance: 'Cuse, Pitt disloyal?

Orange Watch: In the end, Syracuse “Fired” the Big East

Instant Juice: Syracuse joins the ACC

Syracuse University football team displayed warts but also looked good at times against Trojans

Syracuse Football vs USC Recap: The Sunny Side

Rob Moore's Recruiting Profile


Fans react to SU leaving Big East

SU grad Tony Caridi the voice of WVU reports on SU-Pitt leaving


The Dalton Crossan File: With his 210 yards and four touchdowns, Crossan currently has 1,326 yards, good enough for No. 14 all-time in Sachem history. If you add in his numbers from two varsity seasons at Shoreham, he has 2,370 career yards as a high school football player. He needs 205 yards to crack the top 10 at Sachem, which would bounce former teammate Jesse Scanna out to 11. Crossan's four touchdowns tie a personal best, which he set last season in the semifinals against Northport and in Week 1 against Bay Shore.
Last Opponent

Kiffin regrets call for pass late in Syracuse game

Barkley makes Syracuse pay for doubling Woods

Trojans finally preparing for a road game

ACC & Expansion News

Syracuse, Pitt exit Big East, shake up conference realignment

ACC is better with Pitt, Syracuse

Pittsburgh, Syracuse join Terps in ranks of expanded ACC

The expansion gloves are off: ACC strikes first

Ratcliffe: Expansion smoother than in '03

What's next for expanding ACC?

Hopefully they learn to spell it right
Sycracuse, Pitt join conference

Here we grow again: A bigger ACC doesn't mean a better ACC

Virginia coach Mike London weighs in on ACC expansion and how it affects recruiting

ACC adds University of Pittsburgh, Syracuse University

ACC expands to 14 teams with Pittsburgh, Syracuse from Big East

FSU has new conference rivals with ACC's addition of Syracuse, Pittsburgh

ACC roll call reaches 2 more

How the ACC Ate the Big East's Lunch

SEC, ACC interested in WVU

Maryland hopes Pittsburgh, Syracuse aren't the final ACC additions

Reunion with old rivals

BC likes ACC additions

Second Thoughts On ACC Expansion & Week 3

What the ACC means to Pitt

ConferePitt, Syracuse accelerate expansionnce realignment all the rage: ACC welcomes Pitt, Syracuse

The beginning of the end

ACC bumps superconference poker stakes to 14

ACC more interested in TV money than fans

ACC swipes Syracuse, Pittsburgh from Big East

Around The Big East

Weiss: Big East schools eye split

Greed wins out: Big East on the brink of disaster

What if Paterno's Eastern Conference had been a go?

Remaining schools with wandering eyes?

Weakened Big East is still best option for UCF

Big East football close to collapse

Big East football close to collapse

Big East Loses 2 Members To ACC

Pitt, Syracuse leave Big East in the lurch

Big Ten may need Rutgers enough to make a move

Big East Future Uncertain After Teams Announce Departure

WVU officials, Big East not sure what will happen next

U of L affected by schools leaving Big East Conference

Analysis: Big East defections put South Florida Bulls in tenuous ...

UConn seeks invite to ACC New president driving force in effort

Could Connecticut, Rutgers leave Big East for ACC?

UConn and Rutgers Keep Options Open Amid Big East Upheaval

Is Rutgers The Next To Move?

Your comments and a poll: What should Rutgers do as Big East loses Pittsburgh and Syracuse?

Between a rock and a hard place

The Relegation of Big East and Big 12 Football

Around The Nation

Plot thickens in expansion thriller

This isn't the end of expansion

Conference jumping ruining college athletics

After ACC surprise, realignment focus shifts west as Oklahoma and Texas decide Big 12’s fate

Philly: With Big East shake-up, expect local aftershocks

Conference realignment math keeps everyone guessing

Texas, Texas Tech look at Pac-16 option as ACC expands

Ability of Pac-12 to add Texas may determine how latest round of conference expansion moves end

Leftovers on menu for KU

ECU could benefit from conference chaos

Report: Pac-12 Conference will be growing shortly

Wiedmer: SEC could lose big in realignment

University News

LA Giving raises $3 million


Looking at the conferences one at a time

Realignment, Superconferences and Notre Dame

Syracuse vs. USC - Student Section...err...My Friend's Couch ...

ACC Expansion: Pitt Could Begin Play In ACC In 2012
? Why is Rob Moore's Recruiting profile Posted so much. It seems like their's some sort of Bias here.

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