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my guess is not a single talking head

I think 1/5 on ESPN had us in the Elite 8, losing to Florida. Not positive though.
Its quite positive from the "Chip on their Shoulders" perspective. Remember how confident Indiana was? Yeah a lot of things have to go right to get a shot at them but who knows?
Wow, from one post you say I am an ignorant poster, a hater, and flippant in my responses. Heck can I push the ignore button on myself? ;)

Easy, tiger. I used the word "or," not "and." I pride myself on keeping an open mind. All I really asked you to do was work harder. Shouldn't we all?
will pick us for FF. should put a chip on our shoulder. lets hope some shots fall again w a chip on our shoulder
I would be surprised if the coaching staff or players paid any attention to the selections of the talking heads or anyone else. I suspect their focus is solely on preparing for the upcoming game. If this team gets reasonably solid performances out more than two of their key players, we're in for a nice little run.

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