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My two cents

The offense got better because JB shortened the rotation. They started playing as a team and with purpose. After watching the first half on both ends of the floor, I felt they might never win a game this year. They were just dreadful. Much better movement in the second half and Mintz settled into the game. He can get his shot at will, but he needs to make sure the floor is balanced with rebounders in place. We didn’t rotate back well. If Mintz is penetrating, our other wings have to rotate back. They will figure this out. Jessie has to be involved. I’m not sure if we don’t look for him or he is disengaged. He has to be the focal point so this team know how’s to play. I took a deep breath and felt much better after watching the last ten minutes of the game. JB was good in his post game press conference. He recognizes what you can get away with in these games, but will hurt you against better talent. You can tell he’s still very engaged. I understand the end is getting near, but he sees the game like few other.
My primary concern is that we have a lot of nice components, but that they might not fit together in a way that optimizes skill sets / experience / position of best fit.
That's where the coaching comes in. You're right about the components but I think they can fit together in various ways. So young. But I think there is enough versatility to find what works and it may differ by game and matchup. If I was the coach I'd be excited about coaching this roster.

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