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Aug 30, 2011
szmyt looks much better than miss yesterday not withstanding, maybe he got the ball one groove low on his driver?
Yeah, and that miss was still dead straight down the middle. He was spraying them left and rignt last year. Then the next one was a longer kick that he put into the net. He's so much better this year.


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Aug 16, 2011
Today went to a large degree how many of us thought it would go. Pitt leaned on their Oline and ran the ball. SU did the right thing and sat Shrader. The surprise was that Pitts leading rusher was out. The other surprise was that his replacement was actually getting more carries than Izzy until he got hurt and he was back.

SUs D played another unreal game. 45 was beyond fantastic as was Wax. Those two guys deserve medals for their play today. To think that we actually had a solid chance to win this game is crazy given how anemic our O has been since Shrader and Tucker got hurt. Yes, Tucker so for those that don't know he isn't even close to himself and hasn't been since the first game.

Our O this year has been based on Shrader and Tucker running the RPO. During our first game and again against UConn which is proving to be much better than expected we showed what our O was all about, and the results were dynamic. After the injuries and as those injuries became more and more pronounced, we started to fall apart. Losing the WR was also a big blow as he was turning into a threat.

For me today is simply the result of attrition. We don't have much depth at key positions and our inability to run the RPO exposes our OL and our WR corp.

On D I'm actually amazed at how well the guys have held up. Its beyond impressive. We are down three very important DL. Locket was critical. He was the one kid on D that I had hoped would stay healthy. In the beginning when White was shuffling between 6 DL kids, we were dominant. Now we are down to a true frosh a former walk on and a bunch of second team players. Still, they fight and hang tough which is a testament to coach White who has done an outstanding job.

Random points.

I'm not sure about our WR coach. Why. Because I have to question who he is playing. Not sure why Coper keeps getting reps. Not sure why the kids from Florida doesn't. Also, what is the deal with Q. Why doesn't he see the field.

Back up RBs. Again, how come they don't get any reps. Both have talent yet they don't get a carry. Why as tucker isn't close to 100%.

Wes. I'm sure he is a great kid, but he isn't ready and shouldn't be playing. Don't we have anyone else that can play that position. Isn't there another Oline person. seriously is he our best option.

Going forward we will not win another game if we can't run the RPO. We need to play field position, run clock and hope that the D holds. If Shrader plays, we have a chance in every game. If not, we should beat BC and finish with 7 wins.

Next year is actually looking good. The D will be in very good shape as we get so many kids back and they will be bigger and stronger. I hope that we can bring in a game ready DT and another corner.

On O we have to find a number one WR. Gadsen isn't it. He is a solid number two but he doesn't have the speed to be the guy. At RB we will be young but talented which leads me to our OL. Hopefully we land the kid we are pursuing at Center as we are super weak there. I don't care how Vet grades out he is better off at another position.

Coaches. I like Dr. Bob when he had a full team, he showed what he could do. Hes playing with less than a half deck and we simply can't make Chicken salad out of CSh..
Hes good and Beck is as well. I expect great things out of them next season.

Based on what I have seen I want the entire staff to stay together with the exception of the WR coach and I'm on the fence about him.

Final point. Don't stop looking for a punter because we don't have one.

Let's hope Shrader is ready next week. If Hes not really solid sit him and try to win the last two game.

Sad to see injuries ruin what was looking like a magical season.

You’d be disappointed in the OL grades.

And I agree the WR coach has shown nothing. Except for Gadsden our WRs have all regressed.


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Aug 30, 2011
COLBY YOUNG from an hour away , Binghamton is starting WR for Miami...why oh why didn't Syracuse grab him, he said there was not much interest from hour away. Very depressing. This kid just last week win the best WR in the ACC
I think this was discussed in another thread a week or two ago. He was an under the radar guy that didn't have many offers to start. It's why he went ro Lackawanna College. Not sure why we didn't try to recruit him then. Maybe we reached out and he wasn't interested.

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