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Aug 15, 2011
What I listed (basically that FSU was more physical and more talented) was a statement of fact. The team did not quit, it wasn’t a matter of in game coaching. We got rolled by a stronger team. Our young CBs got pushed away by stronger WRs who ran for extra yards.
Our undersized DL tried their best, but they got pushed around.

In October, many here thought we had an excellent staff, particularly the coordinators, Schmidt, new special teams coach. Now they are bums?

With Shrader limited, we don’t have many weapons on offense. The TEs are ineffective, the WRs other than Gadsden are below par for our conference. The defense can’t stop the run. If you can magically fix the size and talent issues, have at it.

Again, I think you’ve listed reasons why DB isn’t the right coach b/c these have been issues for 7 years.

You mention a bunch of D issues that are largely injury related and on that side of the ball those are legitimate obstacles when facing a team like FSU.

But what about offense, with the offensive guru head coach. Almost no injuries. You can say GS of course but we’ve faced backup QB’s for the last 7 years and I bet we’ve got a losing record to other teams backup QB’s. You can list Tucker but there’s still people who say he’s not hurt. If he is, why aren’t the backups getting some play since we have two very good backup RB’s. And if he’s not hurt then we have an inept offense with one injured player. I forgot about Elmore, so 2.

The offensive line continues to get penalties every game. The center continues to be unable to hike the ball correctly. Even the commentators mentioned that. We continue to have plays that Hoeher and Mang are involved in and even though the result is almost always a penalty or a sack.

We have no WR’s except for one. We supposedly have great WR’s in the pipeline that are so good they can’t even see the field on a team with 1 WR. We’ve dedicated a ton of scjollies to that position in the last 7 years and have almost nothing to show for it. We can’t even recruit average WR’s. Why does every team we face have multiple WR’s that can catch and get open.

So if none of those issues are on the head coach who’s fault is it after 7 years. This isn’t new and some knee jerk reaction to last nights game. We had a 1 win season not that long ago. The direction of this program with DB isn’t 6-0 but it’s the 4-5 win seasons. And despite starting 6-0 we’re actually not that far from being a 5 win season since you could argue we almost lost a couple games we won. BC isn’t a gimme at this point even though it should be.

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