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Aug 15, 2011
Well there seems to be a lot of blame pointed at Curley & Schultz. Obviously, if the allegations are true they are in neck deep & deserve very harsh penalties.

In my mind that begs the question, that in their respective capacities, those two would have been familiar enough with the laws and the rules to know that they had an obligation to report incident(s) of this nature to police authorities. However, would they have taken the responsibility of reporting (or not reporting) upon themselves knowing the impact it could have on the university and it's storied football program ?

I say the answer to that question is negative. So, in my mind, they clearly would have consulted with Spanier and/or JoPa before acting one way or the other in terms of reporting. More than likely, all four would have met and made some sort of a decision on course of action (or non-action) by committee of four. Curley & Schultz had to know that by not reporting they had made themselves complicit in a crime or at least a potential crime. Why would they risk that on their own ?? It does not make sense to me. It would not make sense for any one of the four to risk being a fall guy in this in not knowing what somebody else might say or do. The only answer that makes sense to me is the answer of collusion by the four of them. It seems that all they had to do was to convince McQuery that they were handling the situation, and then, at that point containment might seem like a viable and realistic option - it saves the program and the university from embarrassment and it saves their jobs.

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