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It's helpful to check the number of posts on the leaderboard once in a wh... OH MY GOODNESS WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE
I sometimes get deals for one cheap custom printed tee and recently I thought maybe I should get one that says “i wasted the best years of my life on” Didn’t know how that would be received at a tailgate
It’s not based on likes. It’s based on number of posts. You alone control your own destiny. lol.
I want an Iggy Award, because I liked Iggy. How do I get one?
I’ve been reading the site since Robinson, maybe even P. I don't live in the area anymore, but Cuse football is the thing that connects me to my dad and home. I'd prefer not to leave a huge public internet trail so don't post much, but I check the boards often.

This moment feels like the hinge point - this will either work and Cuse will be included in a lucrative, competitive future football landscape, or it won't, and the program will eventually be de-emphasized when the realignment/NIL dust settles. It's exciting that they are swinging for the fences - high-risk/high-reward

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