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Not a good sign


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Aug 26, 2011
Gus Johnson doing PBP Saturday night for our game. Hopefully out sh!tty track record with him only appplies to NCAA hoops games. Maybe as the underdog we get some lovin this time.
He's freakin' annoying. Guess the TV will be on mute.
He's freakin' annoying. Guess the TV will be on mute.

LOL. What else do you find annoying? Beer? Strippers? America?

Edit: Of course this is good for us. In basketball we are always the favorite.
Well that doesn't make a lot of sense. Putting Gus Johnson in the same class as beer, strippers, and america is crazy. That's like saying if you don't like Richard Simmons you don't love beer, strippers, and america. They are both annoying.

Gus Johnson has no real emotional attachment to any game he calls, he is one of the fakest commentators out there - if not the fakest. He attempts to make every single freakin play sound as if it's the most exciting thing to ever happen, when you know it's just a schtick.

If you were a Knicks fan and had to listen to him every single game when they sucked you would understand. There is nothing more annoying then someone trying to make the game seem exciting in the 4th quarter with 1:30 mins left and the Knicks are down by 17 points. All of a sudden Marbury would drive to the basket to pump up his stats and there would be Gus Johnson, "Marbury SCORES, what a drive to the basket (even though nobody was guarding him at that point), he is one of the greatest PG's we have ever seen".
Well, you're certainly entitled to your opinion, even though it's wrong :)
:) Let me explain it in terms you can definitely relate to. Your watching the Rutgers - SU basketball game on TV. For whatever reason you only get the Rutgers local feed, Rutgers is down 20+ the majority of the game. Every single time Rutgers scores the announcer makes it sound like it's the most amazing thing that ever happened. When they call a timeout it's the greatest coaching decision ever made. When the 3rd string center fouls out of the game after the first 2 already did, the announcer makes it sound like it was the smartest foul in history. There is 3 seconds left in the game, the SU players are basically just standing there waiting for the time to run out and the Rutgers PG shoots a 3 with nobody near him and the announcer says, "he has one of the best strokes in the BE I don't think anybody can cover him".

If you had to listen to Gus Johnson during the Isaiah Thomas days, after they fired Marv Albert for being too honest, then you would find Gus Johnson the most annoying person in the world.

Alright, end of my rant. :bat:

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