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Current OL going into next year. Sorted by what I think the depth chart would look like if everyone was 100 heathy. The rating is from 247.

Bold is guys that have started games, italics guys that missed most if not all of the year to injury.

It’s a group of three star guys that have good size on paper. Also it’s an experienced group full of upperclassmen, which isnt the norm here, but important for a development program. Always good to add talent but I think it’s not an emergency.

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Reed really underperformed all season. Was being blown up vs Army and truly never got better. Need him to improve or need another option. Just my two cents n
So is the OL strategy to build via the portal? Seems like we are going to be forced to whether we like it or not.

We probably need a few guys for 2024.

Looking at our current 2025 roster (gauntlet season):

Wohlabaugh R-SR
Enrique Cruz R-SR
Ellis R-SR
Lysander Moeolo R-SR
Joe Cruz SR
Trevion Mack JR
Jayden Bass JR
Willie Goodacre SO
Noah Rosahac SO
2025 Frosh

Looking at our current 2026 roster:

Joe Cruz R-SR
Trevion Mack SR
Jayden Bass SR
Willie Goodacre JR
Noah Rosahac JR
2025 Sophs
2026 Frosh

We would have only 5 upperclassmen. And that is assuming that none transfer, no one gets hurt, and all 5 are halfway decent. Which is a huge assumption.

With the portal you can fix holes in your roster, but ideally I wouldn't want there to be holes in the first place. I felt like Dino didn't address the OL early enough and it came back to bite him. I really hope Fran brings in 4-5 HS kids the next class to at least have a foundation. Getting portal OL is not easy as everyone wants them. And it will cost more than keeping a kid here who is good.

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