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OT: Hank Williams Song Out for Season on MNF

Then you have a comprehension problem. I didn't even mention the NFL and my point was that ESPN isn't to blame.

Talk about overreaction.

Nah. I don't. U mad that you don't get to hear Hank Dilliams Jun on Monday night anymore. You dance in your living room to the song every monday...now U sad. FACT!
I like Hank Williams Jr., but it doesn't take a brain surgeon to know that if you are going to say things like that, you better be ready for the backlash... famous or not.

However, I will say that ESPN is a joke. These media outlets chase train wrecks like Jim the Hammer Shapiro chases ambulances. They get as close as they can, then try to run like sons o bitches when the powder keg blows. Or did they really think that Rush and Hank were incapable of doing anything to embarrass them? If you want to be a whore for advertising dollars that's well within your rights, but don't act like a victim when you hire an edgy personality and they go too far.

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