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Pitt sucks

Clemson will name whatever score they want.
This a total mismatch.
I am now more impressed Syracuse competed so well down in Death Valley.
People forget we were ahead of them when Lawrence got hurt.
Ohio State probably just watched their CFP hopes running into the end zone right there.

It’s going to be between OU and UGA... and, 90% its OU vs Bama and ND vs Clemson.
Championship game...

Everybody thinks Pitt stinks but they are a pretty good team with zero passing game. They beat us as well.
True but if we play them today we win by 2+ touchdowns methinks

Still think that was a bad loss for us
Far from over...
Clemson looks like they made a few adjustments. Pitt, being a running team, is going to run and get some yards, but Clemson started the second half well enough.
How embarrassing is it for the ACC that this squad is one of their divisional reps. ACC Coastal was a massive dumpster fire this year.

Its a problem in champ weekend and a real problem in trying to figure out the 4. The ACC coastal and b10 west ruins these high profile conf games and this is a huge part of deciding the playoff 4.
Everybody thinks Pitt stinks but they are a pretty good team with zero passing game. They beat us as well.

They play ugly and are one dimensional. Somehow they hang around most of
the time.
Hate sPitt. Even when in the Big East they were Jekyll and Hyde, never consistent except you could usually count on them to win a conference game when the entire league didn't want them to and then get slaughtered in a game where a win would benefit the conference. :mad:

How did we lose to the jablonies

Because the refs called a fumble that facilitated a defensive score for Pitt, when Dungey's forward progress had been stopped.

Pisses me off we lost that game, when we were the better team.

But if it counts for something, after that loss / being unable to stop the run, the coaches began to work Cullen / Richards into the defensive rotation, which made our defense better. Silver lining, but an important development that paid dividends later on.

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