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Pitt racking up fouls and getting out of sync at the fast pace. I expected them to lose this game and I wouldn't be surprised to see the second half be mostly UNC
Nice to see the refs calling pushing on Pitt when rebounding on the offensive boards.
Pitt is done! They will lose to UNC at home and wind up with one decent win on the season. They cashed in their clutch and grab chips early this year.
Pitt going on a little run...plucky.
Pitt out running and gunning. What is this?

Bad coaching if you ask me. JB showed that you don't want to allow unc to run. But that's why Dixon is a bum and JB is in the hall.
These Pitt/UNC threads are getting confusing! We need more variations in the titles! :)

Both teams are playing okay at the moment - not quite as brutal as earlier.

Lots of fouling.
As much as it pains me I think we need to root for Pitt. Need top 25 Road wins. Assuming we drop 2 or 3 to end season
Well unc wins and maybe they jump back into the top 25... makes the drubbing look better
Rohrssen looks more and more like a Tony Soprano-wannabe each time I see him.

They need to rename the Petersen Events Center the BadaBing Club:


Must be that NIT championship ring he's wearing.

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