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Aug 15, 2011
I'm a little concerned with the offensive playcalling this year and the offense in general; as most people on the board are. On this board though, it really is a damned if you do and damned if you don't type of situation. Last week we ran too much, people didn't like running on third down. This week they don't like throwing on third down. People wanted to mix it up with Bailey and another RB, this week Bailey goes out and Jerome comes in and that's the wrong call. On the punt with the 15 yard penalty (which as the announcers rightfully said was a bad call - shouldn't have been the 15 yard penalty call) had Marrone not gone after the kick people would have complained, why did we try to block the punt and put pressure on the punter since he was kicking from the endzone.
I don't think anyone here is complaining about throwing on third down. Now, throwing on first-and-goal from the 5 to an unproven frosh receiver, that's different.

What frustrates me about third down playcalling is that we seem to mostly throw short of the yard marker. For example, on third-and-8 we'll set up a screen pass or throw to the flat and hope that the receiver makes the play. I'd like to see us run more routes past the yard marker in that situation.
There are games where the play calling is debatable...this wasn't one of those games.

Way too many iffy calls.
Play calling was terrible. SU recovers fumble on Rutgers 25 and Nassib does a Troy nunes sin around and throwws right to a Rutgers defender five yards away. Marching down the field with seven minutes to go by running and controlling line of scrimmage getting to about the 35 yd line only to throw the ball three/four times in a row and giving ball to Rutgers. Stretched the field once with a fly to Chew who had his man beat and never do it again. Going for fg instead of one foot and win. Playing not to lose and loosing. Iffy calls? How many calls did SU get that otherwise would have resulted in big RU gains , one was a TD called back after a Troy Nunes Nassib pass.
The pick that Nassib threw at the goal line was frustrating. I thought they were starting to establish a ground game. Its 1st and goal from the 4/5, why come out in a 4 receiver look? Just keep it simple and keep pounding the ball.

The roughing the kicker seemed like an even out call for Rutgers. RU got nailed for 2 PFs in the opening minutes of the 3rd quarter. Refs were just waiting for an excuse throw a 15 yarder against SU to keep the calls even. But at the moment, the players have to be smart enough not to put themselves in that situation to let the ref throw that flag. They were going to get the ball at the 50, no reason to force the issue. Just a lot of stupidity on display today.

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