Post Malone Review by WaPo

Fly Rodder

Lord of the Sebouillia
Mar 26, 2012
A few months ago I heard about this kid from Dallas born in Syracuse. I gave him a listen. That took 30 seconds of my life I'll never get back.

The Washington Post reviews his festival and levys some critiques:
Post Malone’s music is dead-eyed and ignorant, astonishingly dull in its materialism, an abandoned lot of creativity with absolutely no evidence of traffic in his cerebral cortex — and there’s also a negative side.


What Post Malone so perfectly represents is the idiotic currents that have carried us to this present cultural submersion — where an objective notion of the truth has been systematically muddied, facts are negotiable and any hint of criticism — be it for lacking integrity, dignity or talent — can be brazenly dismissed as the pitiful cries of the “haters.” So congratulations, I guess. Who allowed this happen? What hole in the system allowed this greasy discarded barbecue wrapper to prosper? A fake pale king sitting on a tinfoil throne. Return to sender.


Living Legend
Aug 26, 2011
saw him on tonight show a couple weeks ago. had no idea who he was, asked the kids and they knew of him but sure didnt listen to him.

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