Class of 2019 RB Jawhar Jordan Jr. (AZ) SIGNED NLI TO SYRACUSE 12/19/18


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Aug 26, 2011
I’m calling dibs now for my 2019 Cali picks.

I might pick him for all non-passing offensive categories.


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Aug 26, 2011
It smells like the ‘90’s up in here.
We need to come through and win those 8 or 9 wins next year. Then we can get another a good class or two (maybe even better). Then we'll have more depth on the lines. From an athletic perspective, we sure are getting there. But as I look at the roster, I think two years from now (DeVito's second year) the roster looks like we will be really experienced and really loaded.


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Sep 1, 2011
I am so happy to open a thread on a recruit where posters are not texting on howtopronounce the players name.


Jun 18, 2018
Except Jawhar won’t have to return his Heisman.
There seems to yet be a disparity over the physical measurements and speed of Jawhar. The purpose of this post is to legitimize some of his information by using a national source in a one to one interview.

I've covered him before he committed, when he did, when he couldn't sign due to his academics, issues that he solved and put to rest and have read the natural expected comparisons of Jawhar to the fastest who ever played for us.

The following is the most specific information in an an interview on April 8, 2017. I have seen his height listed at 5' 9”and weight listed and written as low as 150. Obviously he will need to put in the work to build and the special talents of Sean Edinger to add pounds and build muscle as Moe Neal did.

For this interview he's gained HT and WT and I have no reason to doubt either for a national publication that talks about many things including his forty time. Why RNG Sports and the author Ryan Wright who has been covering high school and college sports for almost 30 years would publish part of the interview with incorrect information seems rather unconventional and foolish and detrimental to their company and to Jawhar.

In any case this is the fact base I used to move information about Jawhar forward and will continue to believe. I also looked up the High School National Record for the 100 meter dash. It's 10.1. Jawhar's PR is 10.6. We're fortunate to have someone this fast join the football program. For me, I can't wait to see him side step/juke a corner and watch all the ACC defensive backs try and catch him.

Interview: Arizona 2018 RB Jawhar Jordan Jr. 4.37 Speed Blazing Path on Recruiting Trail
April 8, 2017 recruitingguru College Football Recruiting News, High School Football, Recruiting News

“In a Recruiting News Guru featured interview, I sat down with the Arizona talent that blazed a 4.37 40-yard dash at the LA Nike Opening Regional to cover his breakout junior season, off-season workouts, and crazy recruiting process since showing the world just how fast he truly is.

The tape does not lie on Jordan. Get the 5-11, 168 pound, speedster in space and watch him make the best of the best look foolish – even if a defensive back has an angle. Adding special teams to his mix of talents, Jordan returned 11 kicks for 298 yards with one back breaking touchdown scored and took four punts back for 90 yards with another momentum shifting trip to the end zone.
Your sophomore season was a fantastic one for the Huskies going 10-2 on the year. The coaching staff had a rotation setup in the backfield, how did that rotation work out for you?
“They used me on speed plays. We had a full-time running back.”
You had an explosive season in 2016. What was the difference for you in your play-making abilities from your sophomore to junior seasons?
“I had to step it up a lot. My sophomore year I did not go in a lot. I had to use my speed and strength, and block as well to become an every down player.”
What was the shootout against Perry like in the playoffs? You had 19 carries, 221 yards, and two scores in that game. That was your second time in a month seeing them and you guys fought tooth and nail to a 63-60 finish.
“It was a great game. The offense played very well – we did our part.”
You had a kick and punt return for a touchdown last season. What is your mentality when fielding kicks?
“Score. Score every time.”
Your recruiting has taken off since you won the fastest man competition at the Los Angeles Nike Opening Regional. What has the last few weeks been like for you on the recruiting trail after winning that four-man race?
“Coaches have been hitting me up, checking in on me, and congratulating me. I‘m hearing from a lot of coaches now.”
What was the time you posted in that race at the Opening?”

The pic above provided by the Jordan family was taken on his trip to AZ ST. They didn't get him we did! GOSU :)


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Dec 1, 2011
It is part of the team. They are all given certain warm ups that they all wear to class and around campus. There is a lot more spirit when you see the athletes walking around with gear on, and they all have their numbers and name on them.


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Aug 30, 2011
I think they get a lot. I knew a girl that was on the Tennessee crew team. She was given so much she gave some away to friends. If a non-revenue athlete gets that much, I would think scholarship athletes of revenue sports get quite a bit.

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