Robert Morris...NIT Terrors |

Robert Morris...NIT Terrors

Too funny. Talk about a team that peaks too late. Last year, they took down UK... This year SJU.
I'm guessing there are some disinterested players on those teams that could/should have been in the tourney but had to play the NIT instead
I had the slightest bit of faith that a St. John's run to the NIT finals at MSG could have done really good things for college basketball in NYC (outside of Syracuse).

So much for that.
Robert Morris led 8-0 a minute and 50 seconds into the game. Then Sampson pushed and grabbed a Robert Morris player around the neck after he made a 3 and told Sampson all about it. The refs assessed double technicals but must have missed the neck grab or I'd think he would have been thrown out. It was like 14-2 and I turned it - it was all over so I don't even know if Lavin put Sampson back in again. St John's looked horrible.
good for them they've played teams that don't give a shlit about the game for the last two years. Shades of SU in the 1997 NIT.

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