Class of 2019 S Cornelius Nunn Jr (FL) SIGNED NLI TO SYRACUSE 12/19/18


Pigskin Mafia Capo
Jan 9, 2014
Obviously this kid needs some time in the S&C program, but he’s an absolute monster . This is the type of athlete you can put up against anybody in the country and you would feel pretty good about him coming out on top.

Imagine our current secondary plus Nunn and the other new additions, then compare it to the might mites HCSS was trotting out there year 3 and the program is night and day from what it used to be with that position group.
I like where this is headed. Secondary is starting to get some building blocks to go full nasty. I mean, I prefer to win up front, I think that is solid football. But when you have guys in the back who can shut it down, that's defense that's just fun to watch.


Oct 26, 2012
He’s eventually going to realize that this won’t make his top 10 list some day of most important days in ones life.
Why not?

I'm married with two kids, a law school graduate and professionally successful. I have had many important days, and I'm pretty sure that the day I signed papers guaranteeing a 4 year scholarship and locking in the ability to play D1 football would make my list. That isn't even taking into consideration what signing on to play at Syracuse might represent as far as getting out of a bad situation. It wouldn't be too crazy for him to look back one day as an old man and see the day he made it official that he was leaving Miami for Syracuse as the most impactful decision he ever made.

I get your point - he will likely have many more important days in his life. But pointing out high school kids lack life perspective isn't exactly unique or noteworthy. No need to be the "welllllll ack-shually" guy.

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