Class of 2019 - S Trey Rucker (VA) Signed NLI to Wake Forest |

Class of 2019 S Trey Rucker (VA) Signed NLI to Wake Forest

Offers from UVA, JMU, Indiana, Wake Forest, Kent St, Temple, Purdue, UNC, UMD, Syracuse
One of the hardest hitting safeties I have seen on film. 6'2 195 and a sub 4.5 40. Impressive.
I said this in another post, this kid is a hitting machine with speed. He is so good that if the worst scenario (maybe be the best), being 6'-2" add 20-25 lbs and you have a monster linebacker. I want this kid bad and swap him out with Hewitt.
I assume Dodson is out. (hope not but this offer was reported after his visit)
I feel the same. We heard nothing after his visit. I like him a lot also but he probably is wanting to go where he will play really soon.
Surprise, surprise, surprise!!
Off topic of the thread, but I hope there is some JUCO stud DT/OT out there who isn't qualified yet, becomes so soon, sees us stomp WV, and wants in.
I believe we have at least one more WR/DB/ATH spot open based on recruiting efforts and visits so this may have nothing to do with the current commits.

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