Season Openers (warning drunken ramblings) |

Season Openers (warning drunken ramblings)


2019-20 Iggy Co-Winner Leading Frosh Scorer
Aug 18, 2011
I get this feeling every year. The HOPE of that year. Every team in America is 0-0. We've played that first game and crushed in NJ against a Big Ten foe and beaten an ACC opponent in 3OT, but not much else for good luck in season openers. The last time we played our next opponent I was witness to Ben Mauk humerus 0 Jameel McClain's helmet 1, but the GRob Orange were pretty hapless. I just didn't see the hopelessness of that yet.

Having HOPE again was the biggest thing as tonight's Wake Forest game could very well decide weather the Orange go to a higher bowl or a bowl altogether even. We could set the tone for the season and crush a struggling middling ACC team and go on to an amazing upset in California and sweep out way to a BCS bowl. Or we could come out like the same Dome Offense we saw in the 2nd half against UofL and the BC and UConn games and lose 30-10 and then have Nassib and half the defense get hurt and go on to finish a dismal 3-9.

We just do not know.

So we watch.

From the terrible coverage when Nunes started at Toledo from the endzone for the first series, the TWO wins at another team from North Carolina's place in my namesakes first game in 1995 and as defending hoops champ in the aforementioned 3OT of '03, to the first half meltdown and second half comeback, flag and just good FG of Oklahoma, to the keystone cops start to the Marrone era against Minny, and the two times Carolina got us back in the dome, the debacle in West Lafeyette the day I knew the Pasqualoni Era would end when I saw it in Jake's eyes, to the celebration of winning again in Akron last year, season openers have something special.

The 2011 Syracuse OrangeMEN is as unknown just as it was before the snap of those games above games and the 3 hour journey of discovery you folks will take with me is the very core of why we watch. Unexpected things will happen is the only real given.

Down the Field.

Go Orange.

War motherflucking Otto.

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