So after all that, the $1M question is this ... |

So after all that, the $1M question is this ...


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Aug 29, 2011
... Which team are we?

Chances are we're better than the team that allowed 357 yards and 26 pts in the first three quarters while compiling just 131 yards on 39 plays (3.4 ypp). Chances are we're not as good as the team that allowed just 41 yards on 23 plays with an INT and a TO on downs in the last quarter and overtime. Nor as good as the team that in the last 11 minutes and OT, posted 168 yards and 3 TDs, with a missed FG on just 19 plays.

But which team are we closer to being?
Offensively we are closer to the 4th quarter performance. We have solid talent and experience at nearly every position. I was shocked at how horribly that 1st quarter went. SHOCKED. Nassib has really settled into his role as QB1. He may not be a captain in title but I think he's the clear leader of that team.

Defensively I still have questions just about everywhere but I thought our Dline was spectacular during the comeback considering what the Time of Possession differential must be (dont have the stats.) Jones and Marinovich were getting held all game. I was about ready to take an axe to my tv when it appeared they did not call a hold on the play that Price got hurt. Saw a lot of speed out there and we will get better but I think it will be painful at times this year.
We're a team that played its first game in 9 months.

If we had a great 1st quarter, and played progressively worse, there'd be cause for worry.

Great win. No need to overanalyze it.

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