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Song to break out of tunnel to pump everyone up...

I'd like to hear if Coach Fran has an opinion on this subject. This is his show, and we should want to support him in any way possible.

In addition to Coach Fran, does Otto's Army have an opinion?

The Spring Game could be a good time to try out a couple of options to see if the crowd reacts.

I expect a larger than normal crowd at the Spring Game.
  • The hype leading up to the Spring Game is as good as it has been in recent years.
  • The Spring Game is following what should be a good Lacrosse game. I expect there will be some carryover from event to event. Hopefully there will be activities on the Quad to keep people entertained or fed between events.
  • Should also be a big recruiting weekend. If I understand the recruiting calendar correctly, the weekend of the Spring Game is also the first weekend for the class of 2025 to take official visits. Having a good crowd for the Spring Game could give recruits a glimpse of what it will be like in the fall. This is a chance for fans to do our part to sell the program.
The last game of the season, when we are undefeated. Play We Are The Champions by Queen.
Bnoro, you mentioned Menahan Street Band being a little too jazzy. I included the Jay Z instrumental simply because it included a hip hop beat with the sample. Calm You're a regular poster here, I'd love to hear ONE of your suggestions. I saw that you liked a Limp Bizkit post the other day. My suggestion would be DMX's "Intro" starting at :37.

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