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The ACC move

Dave T.

Walk On
Sep 14, 2011
Hey Everyone, new to the forum. Been reading a few days but this will be the first post. Gotta say my peace about the potential move to the ACC. I'm very conflicted as a Syracuse fan. On one hand, the logical hand, its great to be on the inside looking out of these conversations. It is much better to be wanted than it is to be left holding the bag like the wayward leftovers in the Big XII or Big East. It will be exciting to have new rivalries and matchups, yearly basketball games with Duke and UNC, football games with FSU ect. Its all well and good.
But on the other hand, the sentimental hand, I hate to see it happen. In a lot of ways Syracuse IS the Big East. Syracuse is the only school to be a charter member of BOTH the Basketball and Football conferences. In basketball they are relevant every year and there are some good football memories and championships as well, just not so much recently.. One of the things that I'll miss most is the postseason Big East Tournament in Madison Sq. Garden. That thing is special.. by far the best postseason bball tourney IMO. I attended the '09 BET and got to witness the Syracuse/UConn 6OT game from about 8 rows back and its something I'll never forget. Won't be the same doing that in Greensboro every year.. There are so many ways that Syracuse identifies itself with the Big East and so many ways that Syracuse defines the Big East. Jim Boeheim is probably the first name that comes to mind when you ask someone to name a Big East coach, figure ect.. in the ACC Syracuse will just be one of the new guys and the tradition will be somewhat lost.

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