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The board was wondering about whether we are

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Perhaps his name rhymes with Billiam Batterson? I always thought he had potential so I wouldn’t be unhappy.
still in the market for another player? We are and I expect we will hear about
something in the next week or so.

Is there a position they are focusing on?

In my dreams, I hope it's a stretch 4/5 from a mid-major team.

At a minimum, it has to be a 3/4 combo who can play some defense and rebound, and ideally hit a 3, or get to the rim.
This is a fascinating development. I did a quick google search and there is not much information out there about availability, rumors, or anything really regarding international players who might be available. There is this one esteemed board member who may know…
Absolutely, there are European players that can walk in and start for us. And most of us haven’t even heard of them.
Had a dream that the mystery recruit was a highy coveted C flipped from UConn. He picked Cuse because of academics. No idea what this means.

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