The Downside- Cornell |

The Downside- Cornell


Bored Historian
Aug 26, 2011
- Every journey has a first step and ours always seems to be into a mud puddle. In this game were down by 11 twelve minutes in. Against Monmouth we were down by 4 with 4:51 left in the half. Against Georgetown were also down by 11 in the first 6 ½ minutes after an 0-9 start. Oakland had us by 1 with 10:27 in the half and Notre Dame by 4 with 7:49 left. Against Illinois the whole game was like that. We were down 11 to Bryant at the half. You can overcome bad starts against inferior opposition. But don’t try it against Virginia.

- We were outrebounded 39-45 by a shorter team. Cornell had 22 offensive rebounds and 19 second half points. That was the reason for Jim’s disgust at the press conference. Some of our players had good rebounding numbers but Cornell missed 51 shots. Even a blind squirrel…

- Judah Mintz has to learn several things: He has to learn that he isn’t always going to get bailed out by the refs. He has to learn that when an awkward, off-balance shot goes in, that doesn’t make it a good idea to try an awkward off-balance shot the next time he gets the ball. He has to learn that you can pass toward the basket for scores but you can also pass away from the basket for scores. During the bad period, Cornell was repeatedly scoring on inside-out plays while we were just trying to force it inside. And he has to learn that, while he has marvelous ball-handling skills, dribbling your way up court against pressure isn’t the best way to break it. It slows you down and wears you down. We took control of the game when we started using the pass as the means to break pressure – and when Joe Girard positioned himself as an outlet guy instead of running downcourt to position himself for the three when the ball got there.

- I know they like three pointers more than we do but Cornell must be wondering why they only attempted two free throws in the game – and why they missed both of them. It’s tough to overcome an ‘ofer’ at the line.

- I have to feel for Quadir Copeland. He got in for four minute, made a spectacular lay-up, grabbed a rebound and…and air-mailed a pass out of bounds to send him back to the bench. He’s a very talented player and not the only guy who made a bad pass. But on mistake and he’s outta there. Justin Taylor also seems to have faded from the rotation, playing 7 minutes without getting a shot off. That 25 point game seems like a long time ago.


Woman of a certain age
Aug 27, 2011
Everything you said about Judah is spot on. It’s like if he falls down it’s a victory. I am rooting for him but he’s got to get control of hisself.

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