The Official Syracuse BC Basketball Thread!!! |

The Official Syracuse BC Basketball Thread!!!

Refs are letting them play...Cooney's been aggressive off the bounce. They've made a few deep threes.
My initial thought is that I think Trevor read my breakdown of what I think is wrong with his shot right now, because he's doing exactly what I wanted him to do - driving to the hoop again. He's looked good offensively. had one three rim out, but swished the next attempt. He's working both inside and out, and I like it.

Struggling to get a lot of things to fall around the hoop, though, but still up 18-16. BC seriously has zero inside game. Everything is jumpers and will continue to be all night long.
Cuse was up 16-8 Now 18- 13 a stupid turnvoer or two and a few layups that rolled around and out.
They just made a three from about 27 feet out to take the lead. Our offense looks bad in the half court. CJ is forcing it too much and we look bothered by their zone, which looks kind of like Miami's. The talent difference is vast but it's not reflected on the scoreboard.
Their secondary help defender in the paint has had good/lucky timing so far and we are giving their shooters a open shot or two for a team that has 0 points inside.
I can't believe we're getting out-rebounded so far in this game. We should be obliterating them on the glass.

Good strong take by Roberson, though.
Everyone is forcing things too much. Really struggling to get any offensive flow going right now.
What sucks right now is that it's not even Anderson and Hanlan killing us. It's their random dudes throwing in threes.
The double came from the wrong direction on that last basket with 2 seconds on the shot clock
Cooney's already got 12, and two straight breakaway dunks.

He's only taken two three pointers so far. Love what I'm seeing. Clearly someone got in his ear to stop him from becoming so one dimensional and easy to defend.

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