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Aug 26, 2011
I'm not naive enough to think there is any justice in this conference shifting process. But one group of teams I feel for are Army, Navy and Air Force. Granted, Army and Navy deliberately tried to downgrade their scheduling a short while back. But to me, any conversation about which teams can and cannot compete for a national championship needs to include those three. True they are undersized, sometimes lacking in speed, and unable to recruit the "special student athletes" that many D1 schools can sneak into a curriculum. But they are important to keep in the mix.
im glad we are in a stable conference now, but ive always had a hard time believing this whole thing can do down leaving people out. sure the money will be consolidated but everyone will still have a shot (whatever that means).

no way i can believe people will be shut out.
Air Force is still in the MWC. Are they any more deserving than Boise? Army and Navy were asked by the BE to join...they said no...they made their bed.

I still don't think 4/16/64 is the end all...they have to build in guarantees for inclusion for the Misfit Toys, MWC, C-Ugly and indy ND/BYU.
Mark, I thought you of all people would jump in to the aid of the Academies. :confused: I know what you're saying. And I understand the Superconference model. I just don't think teams should be left out in the cold -- most specifically, those three. From a pure football on-the-field standpoint, of course Boise State is more "deserving" -- whatever that means these days. But Army, Navy, and AF are the best of our student athlete model. I don't want to see them downgraded to the Patriot League. (Even though the name would fit.)
What cold is someone being left out in?

There is not going to be a true playoff. Maybe a +1 at best. There will be the usual provisions for the have-nots to make a BCS bowl game if they rank high enough.

Not sure what the academies have to do with anything.
Well realistically they will still survive even if they have no realistic shot at the BCS...those kids are playing for different reasons. I see Army, Navy and Air Force comfortable if a new mid major tier evolves with their own championship...they would even thrive there. They will always be in demand as OOC opponents for the Big Boys. I understand what you are saying but reality is saying something else. Yes, the Academies should still be playing a mix of BCS, Mid Tier and Low Tier teams to get winning records. I think it stays that way.

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