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Aug 26, 2011
- You could describe our opponents as if they were boxers. Colgate was a Flyweight, Western Michigan a featherweight, Purdue a middleweight and Army a tough welterweight. Clemson is a heavyweight we just went the distance with. If touchdowns are knockdowns, we got floored four times but we floored them twice. I went into this game thinking we have a good team and came out of it thinking the same thing. It may not have been a sequel to the 1987 Penn State game but that is coming – someday.

- Every time I hear Dan Villari’s name, I think of his old tune:

No I think we have finally found a true tight end, (no Oronde Gadsden was not a true tight end), a big strong target who can catch passes over the middle and a) negate a pass rush and b) take advantage of the attention our big tall wideouts draw and c) get us first downs. On top of that he can pass the ball on that trick play and run the wildcat. This guy’s going to be a star.
- LeQuint Allen failed to catch that pitch that was thrown to his back should but otherwise had a good game. Coach Babers described Clemson’s Will Shipley as “what LeQuint Allen will be in two years.” Well, Will in this game ran for 61 yards on 18 carries and gained zero yards on two caught passes while ‘Junior‘ had 52 yards on 14 carries and caught 6 passes for 38 yards. They each scored once, Allen on a beautiful throw and catch in the corner of the end zone. So maybe it won’t be two years.

- Leon Lowery looked built like Superman in that press conference. He’s grown into a 6-4 239 monster linebacker and was all over the field today. He beat out returning star Stefon Thompson for the outside linebacker spot, which means he’s becoming a star in his own right.

- Jack Stonehouse had two bad punts in the first half vs. Purdue but otherwise has been a cannon, regularly booming the ball high and far. He almost hit the scoreboard today. Dino says he’d like to see that but would he really? Jack is now averaging 46.65 yards per punt, which would put in in the top ten of the country based on last week’s stats.

- Carlos Del Rio Wilson got in on the last possession. He completed one pass for 5 yards with his powerful arm. But it was his 15 yard run that impressed. He pancaked a Clemson defender. You have to be tough to compete in this league and he is.

4-1 with 7, (or 8) to go

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