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The Upside- Purdue


Bored Historian
Aug 26, 2011
(After a night of celebrating)

- I don’t know whether that game deprived me of 10 years of my life or added 10 year to it. It was frustrating, blood boiling, heart breaking, energizing, exhilarating, triumphant game. All that blood was coursing through my veins – and my arteries- at a record rate.

- A truly great game in any sport is a game where both teams, at different times, have their backs to the wall but rally to take control of the game. Purude had control of this game through the first half but we wrested control away from them and looked to be pulling away. The Boilermakers became touchdown makers and it looked like we were going to lose – but we didn’t. The circumstances and gravity of the game were different but this will go down in people’s memories with the ’87 West Virginia game, McNabb to Brominski, the 50-42 OT win over the Hokies in 2002 and very few others.

- It was hugely imperfect game by the Orange but they overcame their errors and some great plays by Purdue to find a way to win this game. There’s a lot to work on but being 3-0 will make the work easier.

- I won’t want to assume too much but Virginia looks very beatable. I had envisioned them being similar to Purdue but they haven’t played like it. Wagner will be a walk-over. Then we get a bye week. The NC State game could be a battle of unbeaten, ranked teams. Will Gameday be here? That would finally heal an old wound.

- Purdue might not be world beaters. They weren’t ranked. But they are one of the better teams in the Big Ten and a win over that, coupled with the Louisville in, has meaning and should get us some national attention.

- I watched Jeff Brohm’s press conference and there some comments from Purdue fans blaming the “biased refs” for their defeat. Cooler heads pointed out that they were Big ten refs. We’ve had so many games where we were made at the refs, let’s thank those Big ten refs for not taking any guff from the Boilermakers.

- Garrett Shrader may not the be the best quarterback around but he sure is the best at throwing game winning touchdown passes while being leveled. He’s no Aidan McConnell as a thrower but he’s physically and mentally tough. That’s what won him the job and it’s winning us games.

- We’ve been waiting for someone to emerge among our young receiving corps. Maybe we saw it today with a tremendous game from Oronde Gadsden. On that first TD he caught the ball on a crossing pattern, went down the sidelines and used a change of pace to avoid even being touched by the defenders. On the game winner he eluded his defender and made sure he stayed inbounds while catching the ball over his shoulder.

- Mikel Jones had another 10 tackle game, as did Garrett Williams. Garrett got burned twice by Charlie Jones but also had to pass break-ups. And 9 of his 10 tackles were solo. And #93 said “Come to Mamma!” to the ball and before you could say “Caleb Okechukwu” we had a 10 point lead.

- In the first half, our offense was reduced to Shrader’s runs, which weren’t going to beat McConnell’s passes, and the defense was giving up too many short passes. In the second half, we got the passing game going and make some huge plays while the defense shut off the short game and put pressure on O’Connell. We got burned a couple of times but made some big plays, too. It’s called making adjustments and we can do it on both sides of the ball.

3-0 with 9+ to go


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