This team is structured like an NBA team |

This team is structured like an NBA team


Pee-Trough Advocate
Aug 17, 2011
Hear me out on this one. I've never been much of an NBA fan. I'm a college basketball guy through and through and obviously a Syracuse guy. I paid attention to playoff basketball over the years but not paid much attention to the NBA. Having kids who are into basketball (and also living in proximity to an NBA team) has changed that and I watch a lot more than I ever have.

The interesting thing to me about the NBA is how deep each team plays. It's not uncommon for 12-14 guys on the same team to get minutes. The quality of depth is so good that beyond the 2 or 3 stars that play most of the game, there isn't generally much dropoff from players 4-15. This allows the coach to find the right combination any given evening to attack an opponent. Take our old friend Oshae Brissette who was on the Pacers and now on the Celtics. Here's a guy who may be a DNP one night and have 30 minutes the next, or even be a spot starter if someone is injured any given night.

This Syracuse team is deep. Beyond Judah who is the clear Alpha, there are so many pieces of this team that can hurt you. One night Chris Bell is shooting and sinking a bunch of 3's, and the next Quadir is filling the stat sheet and taking his minutes. We have options and a seemingly infinite number of combinations to find what works best. Kyle Cuffe can be the hero yesterday getting the team going and get 2 minutes in the next game.

We're structured like an NBA team and that's a good thing...I can't wait to see what the future holds for this team as we continue.
Teams don't get into 12-14 guys unless it's a blowout. Usually it's 10 and under especially in the playoffs where rotations shrink down even more.

This team is about finding what combos work game to game from the 10 guys that see the floor, but we have a good idea who the main 8 will be.

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