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Aug 26, 2011
We aspire to be a top 25 programs so I’m comparing the performances of our best players in passing, running and receiving to the performances top 25 teams tend to get.

The average quarterback of a top 25 team last year completed 224 of 351 passes (65.8%) for 2895 yards, 23TDs and 9 interceptions. That’s 12.9 yards per completion, 8.3 yards per attempt and an NCAA quarterback rating of 149.6.

Ryan Nassib, if you multiply his numbers by 12/8, is on pace to wind up with 255 of 390 passes, (65.4%) for 2548 yards, 24TDs and 6 interceptions. That’s 9.9 yards per completion, 6.5 yards per attempt and an NCAA quarterback rating of 137.5. The thing that’s still missing is the vertical passing game. The opportunities were certainly there against Louisville but Ryan seems to throw a low, flat long ball that doesn’t give his receivers time to get to the ball. The lack of time to throw is obviously also a factor.

The average top running back for a top 25 team last year carried the ball 199 times for 1093 yards, (5.5 yards per attempt) and 12TDs.

Antwon Bailey, when you multiply his numbers by 12/8, is on pace for 242 carries for 1122 yards, (4.5) and 9TDS. He’s still gaining 78% of our rushing yards compared to 68% for Delone Carter last year. (Carter also averaged 5.3 yards per carry despite not being as fast.) We’re still looking for that sidekick that he was to Carter. Antwon is on a pace for 26 receptions for 147 yards and no scores after getting 35/306/3 last year. His role as a primary runner is limiting his greatest quality: his versatility. If he was paired with a power-running fullback, he’d be a more effective player.

The average leading receiver for a top 25 team last caught 63 passes for 947 yards, (15.0), and 8 TDs.

Alec Lemon is on a pace to catch 57 passes for 561 yards, (9.8) and 5 TDs. Van Chew is on a pace for 41 catches for 542 yards, (13.2) and 5TDs. Nick Provo has passed Chew in receptions and is on a pace for 48 for 536 yards (11.2) and 8 big TDs. Dorian Graham is is on pace for 30 receptions, 344 yards (11.4) and 3TDs. The thing is, he’s the one guy with deep speed yet we have him running possession routes. When we break out with the vertical game, he should be the guy. None of them has the numbers of an ace receiver for a top 25 team.

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