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Aug 26, 2011
We aspire to be a top 25 programs so I’m comparing the performances of our best players in passing, running and receiving to the performances top 25 teams tend to get.

The average quarterback of a top 25 team last year completed 224 of 351 passes (65.8%) for 2895 yards, 23TDs and 9 interceptions. That’s 12.92 yards per completion, 8.25 yards per attempt and an NCAA quarterback rating of 149.6.

Ryan Nassib, if you multiply his numbers by 2, (we’re halfway through the regular season), is on pace to wind up with 248 of 384 passes, (64.6%) for 2588 yards, 22TDs and 8 interceptions. That’s 10.4 yards per completion, 6.74 yards per attempt and an NCAA quarterback rating of 135.94. He’s still within the range of being a top 25 quarterback, but has started to slip badly after a hot start.

The average top running back for a top 25 team last year carried the ball 199 times for 1093 yards, (5.5 yards per attempt) and 12TDs.

Antwon Bailey, when you multiply his numbers by 2, is on pace for 248 carries for 1106 yards, (4.5) and 10TDS. The thing is, the entire team has gained only 679 yards rushing and Bailey had 553 of that. Ant is getting 78% of our rushing yards. Last year, he and Carter shared time at the position and totaled 1787 yards between them. Carter’s 1233 was 68% of our rushing yards. A 1000 yard season used to mean that you had a strong running team but in 12 games it’s not that much and with no help it’s not enough.

The average leading receiver for a top 25 team last caught 63 passes for 947 yards, (15.0), and 8 TDs.

Alec Lemon is on a pace to catch 62 passes for 644 yards, (10.4) and 6 TDs. Van Chew is on a pace for 40 catches for 598 yards, (14.9) and 6TDs. Basically a top 25 ace receiver is a combination of Alec Lemon and Van Chew. Nick Provo has passed Chew in receptions and is on a pace for 44 for 530 yards (12.0) 4TDs.

At this point, we do not have a top 25 offense because we don’t throw deep and our running game is still too one-dimensional.
How does Van Chew get 7TDs if you are multiplying by 2? Does he have 3.5 TDs so far? ;)
I think what we saw saturday (and I"m not pointing out anything that people weren't aware of) is Marrone trying to figure which RB's that haven't played yet might have some talent. I thought Rene had great acceleration but was unproductive as a feature RB. Could have been a result of the plays called at the particular time or lack of blocking. But I really would like to see him in a Reggie Bush type role. Put him in in a 2 back set, leave 1 back in to block and let him go out wide or up the middle for the pass.

AAM didn't have enough carries to really tell that much other then I knew he had good speed for his size. He did bully his way through the line on the 1 play for about 4 yards or so.
How does Van Chew get 7TDs if you are multiplying by 2? Does he have 3.5 TDs so far? ;)

By the same math than caused Coach to try a 4 point field goal vs. BC years back. (Actually that was left over from last week where the math was X 12/5 and I forgot to change it. :confused:)
4.5 ypc is good for the NFL but as your stats show is below average for CFB. One ypc below average is a lot. Hate that our coaches have been quoted saying that they are happy with 4 ypc.

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