tonight i will sleep very good,but for rutgirls fans |

tonight i will sleep very good,but for rutgirls fans

At least it hasn't taken our coach 10 year to have a team as crappy as rutgers. Think about it, marine will be wiping the dome turf with teams like rutgirls in the future. Heck, a few Syracuse teams from the early 2000s would easily beat the girls. I like the progress we are making but we still need better talent. Today I woke up at 5:30 am, drove from Stamford, ct to the dome then drove to Philadelphia to get my wife and just got back to Stamford... Go orange...

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hopefully that was a rental car,lots of miles in a short time

glade to see you make it home safe

LOL it was a Brand new car lol.. my Wife's car actually, 2011 Volkswagen GOLF.. .it's a Diesel car, so I got like 45 to 50 MPG the whole trip for 650 miles... Cars are meant to be driven.. just broke 6k miles in 6 months with it... This thing better last 300k miles.. it's Diesel lol
I know about the issues now.. I don't add anything because I am hoping that with the lawsuit they will fix the problems with the pumps... I have Geico extended warranty that is 55 bucks every six months for 7 years 100k miles. I also only get Diesel from the same Mobil gas station in my town which gets a lot of truckers going there.. so terrible that the Diesel standards are so low in this country, and the gas stations are even worse by having bad fuel in their stations.

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