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Aug 26, 2011
Today's game is on in NYC metro area on SNY as most SU games are. When we move to the ACC will SU games still be on? SNY is part of the Big East network so I'm guessing no...assuming there is still a Big East. Does the ACC have a network and will it carry SU games in the NYC metro area. Anyone know?
Sny deal is ours - not relayed to the conference so it should carry over
Sny deal is ours - not relayed to the conference so it should carry over

There may be a deal for basketball, but for football, SNY carries the Big East Game of the Week every Saturday at Noon, regardless of who is playing. So the OP brings up a great point, if SNY continues to show the Big East game every week we could be hosed.
In Syracuse CW-6 carries the ACC GOTW. I suspect there'll be a NYC affiliate by the time Syracuse joins that conference. Not sure if it'll be part of a regional sports package for out-of-towners, however. Many of us who live further south already have such an affiliate, though it may not be enough to get all 'cuse games.
Add UConn or Rutgers to the ACC and all problems are solved. That would completely lock up the NY market for the ACC. The more I think about this, the more it makes sense. If Rutgers and UConn are still playing in the BE, the New York area isn't going to care about Syracuse. BC was forgotten when it joined the ACC.
MSG shows the SEC game of the week and MSG+ shows games produced by FSN. I think it's safe to say MSG will put the ACC game of the week on one of its channels if SNY sticks with showing BE games. I wouldn't worry about it...the worst thing that could happen is you might have to watch on a different channel.

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