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UB - UConn Game


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Aug 15, 2011
Watching it on ESPN3 now. They are late in the 2nd half. UB has just taken a 3-0 lead in one of the ugliest games I have seen in a long while. You would think with a score like that that the conditions are awful, but it appears to be a fine night at an empty stadium in Buffalo.

UConn continues to show a good defense and an awful offense. DeLeone was once a great OC but that was a long time ago...

Marcus Rivers, a WR from Lackawanna that we did not offer, is having a big game for UB. Geez, I wish we had him.

Update, Teggart just made a long FG to tie the game up 3-3. 2:34 left 2nd quarter.
I tried to watch the game over dinner but I couldn't bare it for more than 5 minutes. The play call was mundane, both defense and offense and there was really nothing/no one to watch.
if i was a yukon fan i would be furious that p&d burned the frosh qb nebrich's redshirt. he makes me think of nassib talent-wise, but why burn the guys redshirt to play him one series per half? you burn the redshirt if you think the kid gives you the best chance to win this year, but clearly they don't think that because they aren't even starting him.
You either have to be a UConn or UB alumnus or a masochist to watch this game. Thank goodness my brother isn't feeling well or I would have actually PAID to watch this crap.
It's like watching a high school game. What a difference between this game and the Clemson-Florida State game.

Makes me realize how much more engergy we need in the dome.

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