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UFC 134 Silva v. Okami

That main event was a sham, I cant believe they ever gave Okami a title fight. However, Big Nog getting the KO over Schaub was awesome.
Those Brazilians know how to fight. Schaub was landing some good shots and I thought Nog was going to be in trouble. But then Nog landed the money shot on the side of Schaub's head. Game over after that...

Griffin v. Shogun surprised me. Forrest was completely outclassed. This should end any speculation whether Griffin is still an elite fighter. He's now moved past his prime and is just a name...like Rich Franklin, Tito Ortiz and Mirko CroCop. I'd be surprised if he gets considered for a meaningful title shot again.

While the dude has skills, I absolutely can't stand watching Silva fight. Him fighting Okami was a farce. You just knew that wasn't going the distance.
Forrest has been past his prime and is washed up, like 60 something year old stallone in rocky balboa.
Very quick card...I think the first three fights lasted five minutes combined lol
Thanks for the link last night!!! Continue to post these for all UFC, Boxing, and WWE ppv's. You will save me a lot of money!!
I was expecting Shogun to win because every thing I read about Griffin before this fight was that he really didnt care anymore, and the injuries after the Anderson Silva fight pretty much ended his career early. Your right Schaub did land some shots on Nog, that back 4 years ago he would take throughout a fight, but now his chin is so fragile that I was surprised he got through it and beat Schaub, still was great though. I also cannot stand Anderson Silva and would love to see Sonnen beat him up for 4 rounds again and hopefully not get caught in a sub with a minute left.

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