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Watching you.
Aug 15, 2011
I think we win this one 24-17. Defense plays a good game, offense still sputters but we play a better overall game than USF.

I think Lemon has another big game.
I want to say we get back on track and win 31-20, but I fear that we have hit the same period as last year, when teams had us figured out and our lack of athletes and/or experience couldn't be overcome. So I will go with USF 31-17.
Depends on who shows up. Will Shafer be awake enough to make game time adjustments? Will Hackett have some plan (other than " the ball down their throat") to actually slow down the pass rush and throw down field? Will the defense tackle? Will the OL have any impact on the game (that is positive impact)? Will the special team be able to tackle a kick-off return guy before he gets to mid-field? Will Krautman be able to kick without putting it out of bounds? I truly have no idea...
Provo will be a prime target but SU can't contain Daniels enough as the offense needs the first half of play to get going: USF 27-21.

Oh and the announcers mention the PSU mess 7 times during the broadcast.
45-24, Syracuse wins.

We've played MUCH better at home this year. Our players are pissed. I expect a game similar to West Virginia.
Orangemen 24 Bulls*** 21

The PSU train wreck will dominate the conversation. If we put up a stinker tonite at least they won't be focusing on us.
Lookers 27
Mons Venus 21.

We have our own train wreck to talk about.
Don't know the final score, but I set the O/U on tight end rollouts at 27

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