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We really need new uniforms

Nike has been providing uniforms to the team since 1995, and everytime we got new jerseys, somebody has always hated them.

Looks like it's your turn. :)
Which do you prefer:


I don't think there's anything wrong with the current kit.
They're fine except for the duct tape-colored numbers. I still don't get that.
just in case of power outage, we can see the reflections on the numbers
Which do you prefer:


I like the 2003 jerseys. Always have. Those or the 1996 set. The cursive is awesome, but not the Pearl era ones. I was partial to the DC era ones.
just in case of power outage, we can see the reflections on the numbers

My theory was that they just taped the numbers on.

On a serious note, the silver/gray's gotta go, just make it white for 's sake
OK i'll be the voice of reason here. The new unis are fine. WAY better than the old ones.
I like the new ones, but the silver numbers are tough to read especially when we are wearing WHITE.

Only complaint
all i ask for is ORANGE letters on the white uniforms...the SU women uniforms are ideal
I like the uni's, and more importantly the kids like them. Don't fix what isn't broken.
I like the current uniforms, except, like everyone else, I detest the silver. If we went "retro" I'd hope we would go with either the Pearl/DC/Sherm/Owens era unis, the 96 unis or the 03 unis. Those were all fantastic.
Get rid of the duct tape and bring blue back to the unis. Orange and blue >>>>orange and duct tape.
I always liked the logo with the basketball and the blue jupiter rings around it. Can't find a picutre anywhere. I think it was around 2006.
They had the logo small on the shorts instead of a big one, but i have a shirt with the logo big on the front.
Orange Crush (or at least his logo) has got it right --

Home unis: White with orange numbers outlined in blue.

Road unis: Blue with orange numbers outlined in white.

Plain numbers and letters without an outline of any kind is DULLdulldull.

Wouldn't mind seeing the cursive come back...that was distinct.

Hate the duct tape in any form.

Just my opinion--VBOF
I prefer these:


Seriously, I do.

Second-best ever (the similar uniforms that added orange down the sides - about 1989-1990? - were even better).

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