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we won't stay @ 14 so

1. UConn didn't file the lawsuit.
2. Nobody in any leadership role at the time of the lawsuit - university president, AD, football coach, the AG who FILED the lawsuit - are still in their respective roles.

I can get the ACC being mad about it. But it's a bit strange.
Penn State and UConn, never happen though.

So Uconn and either Rutgers or WVU. I suppose Rutgers to add the easy win in all sports every season, along with guaranteeing NYC for the ACC, without a doubt.
First welcome to the ACC from a Deacon fan, I think it could be a fun little annual game between us in fball.

WVU will not happen academics are to bad. The ACC and the Big 10 are committed to academics.

My guesses if Texas and ND both say no. I think it is UCONN and Rutgers or a Big 12 remnant. If one of ND/Texas says yes it is them and UCONN.
I'm kind of indifferent about which two more teams the ACC should add to get to 16. The reality of the 16-team megaconferences is that there will be some decent universities/teams that spend most of their existance in the middle to bottom of conference standings. A few things I think about:
  • As SU is a private instititution with higher academic standards, my preference would be to keep the academic and recruiting playing field as level as possible. The ACC is (without a doubt) the best academic match for SU (in comparison to Big East hybrid and Big Ten). Four private institutions in ACC with Duke, Miami, SU, and Wake helps keep SU's type of academic structure well represented.
  • Additionally, I like the idea of an east coast conference akin to the Pac-12. When you think of the top athletic conference on the west coast, it stops at the Pac-12... enough said. ACC could be that for the east coast (except with a much larger population).
  • I like that the ACC footprint is where many of our alumni are located - up and down the east coast (including some fantastic places to visit/road trip for games). Big Ten? SU's recruiting territory (not just for student-athletes but for students in general) would likely have to change. Hybrid Big East? Forget about it. That model was never going to work in the long-term (as a mish-mash of schools representing various academic models, levels, geographies, etc.).
Personally, I think UConn and Rutgers are probably the best (realistic) fit if the ACC expands to 16. Sure, there is ND, Texas, Penn State, Kansas, etc. IMO, only Notre Dame (as an all-sports member) would be a value-added option. I'm a little more hesitant about UConn in the sense that it overlaps with BC a bit (in terms of territory - recruiting and market). Rutgers... meh, I'm not thrilled about them but they bring geography and can play the role of the perenial bottom-feeder in the league. :) WVU would be ok as another option. It brings a solid athletic reputation but weakens the academic profile of the conference (I personally think they will end up in SEC - much better fit). Who knows...
I like the move to the ACC but im going to miss the 'Cuse in the Big East basketball tournament at Madison Square Garden. The only team I really care about bringing to the ACC is Uconn for our basketball rivalry. If it can't be SU-Uconn at MSG at least it can be SU-Uconn at .....(Hey ACC fan where do you play your basketball tournament at?) Well maybe when the Big East folds maybe we can get a few ACC tournments at MSG.

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