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Week 13 ACC/FBS Games for Nov 22-26

Oregon - Oregon State is a great one what a comeback.

I don't think they call the game the Civil War anymore sadly.

Oregon State is probably the closest thing I have to a second team I bet them every week hope they pull this out I love Jonathan Smith.
Purdue just won the Big 10 west. Polishes up our win a bit.

Does Michigan have anything to play for next week? They aren't getting matched up against UGA 2 years in a row right and would be 2/3 regardless?

Harbaugh should play the walkons and sit his starters.
No way. Getting pantsed at home automatic DQ for playoff.

TCU and USC have to be ahead of them. Both LSU and UGA with a LSU win.

They are next up after those schools with Clemson losing.
So if everyone keeps losing does that mean we have...

1. UGA vs 4. Ohio State
2. Michigan vs 3. Bama

Or does TCU stay in with a loss to K State?
Man the refs are doing everything they can for the Ducks that PI call was terrible.
So if Washington wins tonight there will be a 3 way tie for 2nd place. Washington beat Oregon, who beat Utah. But Utah goes to the P12 CG because of the tie breaker rules.
Such a load.

They have 2 losses and aren't playing in their conference championship.
SEC fans needs to zip it. Bama or tenn. have no business over Ohio state, imo, after this LSU meltdown
I'm not saying it will happen but Bama is inching closer and closer

They are likely done now. UGA and Michigan are in. TCU and USC are in with Ws. One of those teams loses Ohio State is in. Both lose and TCU IMO is in. I think Tennessee vs Bama is a PIA to pick so they go with TCU.
I'm not saying it will happen but Bama is inching closer and closer
I'm guessing this week's CFP rankings will be UGA, Mich, TCU, USC. I'd put Bama at #5 and I hate them. Clemson, LSU and tOSU lost. I'd put a Bama team that lost 2 road games in the closest possible ways via last second FG and an overtime 2 pt conversion over a one loss tOSU team that got annihilated at home by it's blood rival.

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