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What are the best seats in the dome?


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Aug 16, 2011
I am a perpetual cheap seat season ticket holder. Recently, I was lucky enough to get first row tickets right on the 50 yard line. Literally right on the rail in the middle of the field.

And you know what? I thought they were awful. So my question to you is...what are the best seats in the dome?

50 yard line upper deck 1st row.

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50 yard line upper deck 1st row.

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Not a bad seat in the dome. second or third level are the best though.
3rd level one of the lower rows can't be beat, get a great view of the entire field.
50 yard line upper deck 1st row.

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Agreed. And the only truly bad seats in the house are down low in the endzone.
I find that the lower levels really limit your view. I personally prefer the upper decks and they're much more affordable for me (300s)
I had $15 tickets for the URI, front row, right above the "home of the orange" tunnel, next to student section/band (Which I think is the best spot to be) and could not have been happier about those seats. There is no excuse not to go to these games.
I agree with everyone else that the upper deck is really the best place to view a game. When I was a student sitting down behind the bench, it was difficult to see the far end of the field, particularly the corner nearest the SU bench. The lower deck just really isn't that great for viewing a football game.

Of course, we had some games I saw from the upper deck (one Tulane game and then, later, the Virginia Tech triple overtime game when Damian Rhodes reversed fields and scored on a 25 yard run to win it), and I was blown away by how much better I was able to see the field.
I sat in Section 222, Row 1 for the Tennessee football game in 1998 and, even though the seats were between the 15 & 20 yard line, they were the best seats I've ever had in the Dome (30+ football games attended)
I sit up with the Fine Lot gang and have been considering dropping down a bit lower. The views up there are great... my companions aren't always as thrilled with the climb. Are the upper rows in the lower section really that bad? I've only sat there for lax back in the day. Hindsight would probably indicate that it would've been nice if they'd dug the field down a bit lower (10-15 ft?) to allow the lower section to be just a bit steeper.

When I was a student we tended to sit in the lower seats of the upper deck (10-20 yard line). My original post-student season tickets were in the 3rd row above an endzone corner (where 250 & 251 met). That's where I sat for the Nebraska game. Those weren't bad... great view of play near one endzone while still able to see the rest of the field.

When I see the elderly struggling up the steep steps of the 3rd deck I realize that's not what I want to be doing 10+ years from now.

I guess I should head up for a lax game to get a better sense of the sight lines down low.

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