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Where's the Maui Mojo?


2nd String
Sep 24, 2011
I feel a rant coming on. So many doors I don't want to open:

1. Where's the Maui Mojo? The team that looked like a FF candidate is now possible cannon fodder for Mercer.
2. Where's the fire, the passion, the anger, the "Protect the Hood" mentality? I admire CJ and Ennis for their cool demeanor, but you can't have an entire team of those personalities? Someone's got to motivate this team? (One door I'm not opening would say that should be JB.)
3. Who's recruiting shooters?? If JB is quick to bench players who can't master The Zone, why isn't he just as quick to bench someone who's not producing on the offensive end? Would either Pitino have kept Buss, BJ and Roberson on the bench last night? (Oops, didn't want to open that door either.)
4. This team has been regressing from Maui and the first Duke game onward and, no, I have no problem with JB's going Full Rollie at Cameron. That's not the cause of their slide. Are they not getting enough shooting practice?!? Is JB's alleged habit of not having a shootaround when they travel contributing to the problem? (Damn, another door I didn't want to open.)
5. For all Grant contributed last night (and it was far more than anyone not named Ennis), he had open jump shots that he clearly was afraid to shoot in a game where everyone else was shooting blanks. Think that will make the pro scouts happy?! If ever there was a clue that he should return for his senior year and learn how to take a team on his back, that should be it. And Ennis needs next year to learn to throw Oops. We're missing a whole segment of SU's usual transition game.
6. Could the key to the entire season have been DC2 going down? Seems like he could have produced a few points last night where Baye could not.

So if I leave all those doors closed because I have no business criticizing the methods of a HOF coach that's built the greatest program in college basketball year in and year out, then I can only hope JB is right about comparing this group to last year's team that went from the Georgetown stinker to the Final Four. But somebodies had better be practicing a lot of shots between now and next Thursday.-VBOF
Should I take #1 as a compliment or not for my alma mater? :) We did beat Ole Miss and Seton Hall this year and should have beaten Texas.
#6 definitely would have at the least given us 5 more fouls to spread around. I feel he could have taken a bunch of foul shots for us as well.
Mercer is in Macon, GA about 75 miles south of Atlanta. We're members of the Atlantic Sun but will be moving to the Southern Conference next year as our football team transitions from non-scholarship Division 1-AA to scholarship 1-AA. We can play with BCS schools. As I said this year, we beat Seton Hall and Ole Miss. Last year, we beat Florida State, Alabama and then Tennessee in the NIT. Our most notable basketball alum is former Timberwolves coach and NBA player Sam Mitchell.

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