Who Do You Hate (and Love)? In the N.C.A.A. TOURNAMENT | Syracusefan.com

Who Do You Hate (and Love)? In the N.C.A.A. TOURNAMENT

Dook (Arrogant fans; I like Coach K but right now, he is talking way too much - he ought to shut up and focus on what lies ahead... a loss)
Kansas (this is more personal b/c of obnoxious JHawk friends I have had for years... 2003 was very sweet for that reason as was 1996)
Kentucky (Calimari is a schmuck... enough said)

(I went back and forth between Kansas, Louisville and Pitt, but finally chose Kansas because Louisville distaste is purely Pitino and not the program. I also really hate Pitt and are probably #4 on my list due to the style that they play as well as Jamie Dixon and his smug, insincere smile that he loves to cast but Kansas is personal and I love to see them lose).

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Love: Thursday and Friday. Imo the two greatest days in sports. Multiple games going on at once, upsets, buzzer beaters, bracket busters, etc.

Hate: The entire tournament after Syracuse loses. They should just end it when that happens.
Hate: Ohio State - an Ohio State fan sat behind me at a game once and was yelling "Woooooooooo" in my ear every time they made a shot. I just want them to lose!

Love: Orange busting people's brackets!
I love the whole first week, there's so much to keep track of: teams like VCU, George Mason, Butler (remember Florida Gulf Coast last year?), players like CJ McCollum, Stephen Curry. I only 'hate' when it's over.
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Love: playing hooky from work, parked on the couch for hours.

Hate: finding TruTV and watching the same commercials x 100.
Love the anticipation of this week, the first couple rounds & how a middle aged man like myself can relive the excitement of Christmas as remembered from childhood.

Hate how when your team gets bounced unexpectedly early and the utter disappointment of not getting that one major gift you really wanted.

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