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Class of 2014 Why I don't watch McDonald's anymore




Not a one of our boys. Last year, they stiffed the best freshman point guard in the country. This year, I'm sure there are many excuses for McCullough, but not even a nomination for Kaleb?

Didn't watch a minute of that last year. Anyways, just like ESPN, agenda-driven. So you know what I say to this?

Whopper beat the Big Mac.
It is pretty interesting that if you are say top50 and commit to Duke, UCLA, UK, KU or UNC you are guaranteed a spot in the McD's game. If not you had better be top 20 or better. How much better would one of those teams have looked with Tyler running the show?
Well watch one UK game.. and they had what 6 of them? You can get a glimpse of just how unexciting some of UK's are. Like everything else, Politics just take over. It is nice now that there are other all star games to look into and they are slowly growing in popularity to compete with the burger game.
McCullough is a prep, making him ineligible, correct? And, is Joseph the same situation? If not, he should at least be nominated, that is ridiculous.
McCullough is a prep, making him ineligible, correct? And, is Joseph the same situation? If not, he should at least be nominated, that is ridiculous.
I'm sure there's a technicality. Last year, something something Ennis is Canadian, but ok with Wiggy, something something. Bend the rules here, alter the rules there. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Just the same as last year, I knew they'd leave out McCullough. Again I repeat. Watch Malachi's ranking in the coming months, and watch him left off even though he might best the best junior SG in the country.

Currently, Richardson is #12 in the country, 4th at his position. I wonder if these numbers will go up or down. ;)
but at the same time... I quickly got over the fact that Ennis wasnt a burger flipper. I actually completely forgot about it until this thread.

His play on the court in a Syracuse uniform trumps any high school honors.
I used to get angry when we weren't getting the guys in this game. Now our classes are made up of guys that made it, should have made it or didn't make it. But you know what - our top four guys this year are: CJ, Ennis, Grant and Cooney. Not one of them made this game. And we are #2 in the country and undefeated.

I'll always want a top level talent like Melo, Anthony Davis, Durant, etc, but outside of those types, I'll take the guys JB and co get.
What am I, chopped liver?
Ron Morris
I figured they would leave McCullough out after his getting expelled. If you have any disciplinary problems they won't touch you. Joseph plays at a relatively small school and he doesn't get the big time exposure. Also the rating services have wildly different rankings for him ranging from the 20's to the 60's (#47 ESPN, #66 Prep Stars). Those kind of rankings don't get you to the Mickey D game. It's nice to get the tag McD AA but in reality it doesn't change anything not to have it. They will be the same quality recruits regardless.
Actually since MJ started his game its been a much better showcase then the McDonalds's game.

I was at the Jordan game last year in Barclays and that was a great game. Ennis and Nigel William Goss were the best point guards in that game, outplaying the higher ranked Harrison and Hill. In the underclass game Roberson started out dominating that game and the St Joes commit Bembry ended up being the best player with Roberson a close second. Lots of stars at the Jordan game too. Melo, Stat, and JR Smith were front row. Drake, Fabolous, Busta Rhymes, and Joe Budden were just some of the other celebrities. M J sat in a private suite.

If one of you board members was the guy behind Ennis' bench screaming to put him back in the game every time he got taken out KUDOS to you. To me Ennis impressed the whole game. It was a close exciting game at the end and he almost pulled it out for his team.

Side note - I sat next to Kennedy Meeks family who were all big like him. There was a guy behind us talking garbage about Meeks being big and I thought Kennedy's mom was going to beat him like she did Norbit. Two rows directly in front of me was Isaiah Whitehead and I kept asking him when he was going to commit to Syracuse, but he acted like he was some type of star already. He switched seats about 5 times as people all over the arena kept calling him over. Kuran Iverson's cousin was to my other side but unfortunately it was not Allen Iverson.

All the high school players were beyond excited to meet Melo. Kasey Hill, Jabari Parker, and Randle all went up to him during the game. Ennis played it cool but still said what's up to Melo and his wife. Ennis was right next to fellow Canadian Drake on stage after the game, and you know he got a big shot out. Of course if I were Ennis I would've also asked Drake to hook me up with the girl he brought to the game.

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