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Why Syracuse Will Win


Bored Historian
Aug 26, 2011
- Why are we afraid of these guys? We beat them last year 19-14 and they are the same guys. Get in Geno’s face all game and then we’ll see what his stats look like. We did that last year and he passed for 178 yards. And their running game is worse than ours.

- We’ve done everything we need to beat this team this year, just not all at once. We need to come out firing as we did against USC, when Nassib opened with 11 straight completions and use Ryan as the fastball and Bailey as the change-up so we can get him into open space. We need to play defense like we did against Rutgers, but do it with the linemen providing much of the pressure so we don’t need to blitz as much, (and leave the D-backs on islands of their own). The return of Chandler Jones and his pairing with Deon Goggins should help. We need the special teams to play like they did against Tulane when the kicks were right down the middle and Kobena broke loose repeatedly on the kick-offs. If Rene could get us a punt return and if we have Fisher doing the punting instead of Raupers, we can compete with anybody. We just have to have that game Marrone’s been waiting for when we put it all together.

- This will be the game the nation is watching. Brian Higgins said that whenever he asked the players about that, they began smiling. Coach Marrone said he challenged them to “I can’t even imagine how excited you must be to play in this game. This is why you came to Syracuse, why you did all that lifting and running.” We will have the largest crowd of the season, maybe the first sell-out in 11 years, (2000, Miami). The place may be the loudest it’s ever been. If ever an upset has a chance to take place, it has a chance here.

4-2 with 6 to do

...football is one game where emotional highs can take you far...'Cuse is not an equal to WVU on the field insofar as ability...but put that pumped up emotion and keep it there for 60 minutes and you have a winner...as long as the wind doesnt get taken out of our sail early...watch out WVU!

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