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Jun 18, 2018
the eyes in those recruits heads who are leaning towards committing to us. Waiting, anxious, watching for something to happen today on national television, ESPN, 12 noon, 11/24/18. Something that would make a difference for them. To make them believe more, to trust the program to make them feel better - a win would be great but was it a long shot. The Eagles were the favorites. A comeback, would it be there, what would it take? Was ND that much better? Or, was it the fact that our QB, Eric Dungey, went down and didn't return that Syracuse lost by a large margin? Was he going to play today? Would it matter if he did? Another away game, this time in Boston. What really happened to the Orange and Eric last week in NYC?

Late night last night and I awoke from a nap at 12:30 P.M. turned on the game and between heavy lidded eyes tried to tell who was at QB. Upset that I had missed some of the game I relaxed when I saw the CAPTAIN under center. Somehow I knew he was the individual of the day that mattered and all was going to be all right.

It's now early Sunday morning and yesterday Dungey was the starting QB, Mr. Courage and the ACE. He made those watching believers for all he achieved.

Responsible for 559 total YDS of offense, passing for 362 and 3 TDS, rushing for 197 YDS and 3 TDS. Along the way he tied Floyd Little's record for rushing TDS with 35, became second in team history in a season with 3,297 YDS combined rushing and passing, second in team history in passing with 9,037, became fifth place all time in the ACC total offense with 11,008 YDS, his 3 rush, 3 pass day total of 32 TDS for the season broke Donovan McNabb's mark of 30 set in 1998 among other marks he set on Saturday. Result for the game SU 42 – BC 21. A very, great day to be watching ESPN, Eric Dungey, our team and to be ORANGE. GOSU :)

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