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Yes we are full members. (at least I hope so)

I would think we would vote yes on UConn as would Pitt.
I dunno. But I've been trolling and here are some interesting nuggets that I've heard...

1) Boston College and Miami are pushing hard to keep UConn out. They are pissed about how UConn did them back in 2003 and Boston College wants to keep UConn out of their market.
2) The Southern ACC schools (FSU, GT, Clemson...etc) are having major issues with RU saying they neither offer basketball nor football. RU has an uphill fight here.
3) PITT was being courted hard by the B12 as aTm's replacement. This was a major reason why the ACC moved so quickly.
4) Notre Dame to the ACC has more legs than some would think. The B10 is still the front runner though.

Assuming UConn is #15, the last spot goes to RU or ND. Guess who would win that fight. My guess is that #16 is going to be held open until Notre Dame says no. Either RU gets invited to the B10 or they sweat out an ACC invite.

Notre Dame is not going to consider joining a conference until they absolutely positively cannot schedule a full season. However, this may be closer than they think. If we move to 16 team super-conferences, most teams will be forced to schedule in conference. Considering that most teams want to schedule one FBS cupcake and one FCS opponent, there wouldn't be many spots left for ND to schedule.

I just don't see the B10 as being interested in Rutgers. Last year, the thought was RU along with another Big East member (SU Pitt) would be used as bait to entice Notre Dame into the B10. But now that the BE is collapsing, ND may be forced to the B10 without Rutgers. If that's the case, why not just add Missouri and Kansas along with Notre Dame.
Yes we are full members. (at least I hope so)

I would think we would vote yes on UConn as would Pitt.

my guess voting would not start till we work out exit with big east

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