ACC Money and effect on coaches |

ACC Money and effect on coaches


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Aug 26, 2011
Seeing as we will be tripling our annual revenue by going to the ACC, how do you think this will impact our coaching staff, particularly our assistant coaches.

I expect that most of the coaching staff will get raises, if not large. However, will they be large enough to keep them longer than we all expected, say, just at the beginning of this year.

Will SU be able to "buy" more time for some of these guys, such as Shafer, Wheatley and Brumbaugh. I think it's safe to say that the concensus of posters believed these three were most likely to be lost in the next year or so for "better" opportunities. Will extra $$$'s delay that possibility for a couple more years?

Another angle, do we use the money to "upgrade" our coaching staff? What positions do you believe need to be upgraded?
It will certainly help keep the staff together. It won't be able to cover people who leave for promotions, not much we can do to stand in the way of people moving up, unless we want to fire who they report to.

Gross mentioned that being able to pay coaches at market was one of the advantages of moving to the ACC.
Marrone should be the first one to get a bump. I remember seeing numbers about the BE coaches and he was in the lower 3rd. He and Holtz are the 2 best coaches in the BE and I would take Marrone because he is the one turning this thing around. He should get a 50% increase to put him closer in line with what the rumored offers were to Edsall and Holtz and what a few of the BE coaches already make.
Forget trying to keep coaches, my hope is the bump in pay allows us to go after big time coaches.

not to say that our current coaches aren't excellent.

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