Anyone else worried about the throwbacks hurting our mojo? |

Anyone else worried about the throwbacks hurting our mojo?

I'm not a big guy on luck, superstition, black magic, or anything like that. If these guys play bad with these uniforms they would have played bad if they were playing in any uniforms.

I do like the tops, wish they matched the shorts though.
Not too happy about the team busting these out vs BC. We do no have good luck with alternate jerseys.

Would be worried if the NCAA brought back ol' school basketballs from 1903.

What the piece of fabric looks like as a means of trumping mojo? Egads, if there is any affect, we are the most fragile awesome team ever!
If wearing those ugly platinum abominations against USF a few years ago didn't hurt, nothing will.
But we lost to ND & Kentucky on the road as underdogs. We've never lost as a road underdog in regular uniforms.

We wore the "haze gray and underway" uniforms at home. We just can't make changes in road games. ;)
As long as JB does the right thing, has the word mojo engraved somewhere on the uniform, I think it's a safe play. :)
Like maybe in the "watermark" of the fabric. Like a subliminal message.
I think we have the ugliest throwback shown! Nike dropped the ball on this one! They should have done the one below which was one o my all time favorites.

Who cares about the retros? Dana Barrows and Danya Abrams aren't walking through those doors, and they would be the only throwbacks I would worry about.

I think Baye comes back tonight just because he wants to wear the throwback cursive. ;)

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