Anyone feel a little different about Franco Harris now. |

Anyone feel a little different about Franco Harris now.


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Aug 14, 2011
If this is true then Bernie is scum and needs to be dealt with. If JB knew about it, then he needs to go. However, does anyone not envision a scenario where at least one and probably many more former players come out in support of Bernie and JB.

Pedophiles are scum. No question about it. But the more you learn about it, the more you realize they need serious help. Experts are coming out all over the place saying these people can't be rehabilitated. Just saying, these guys are monsters and they can't help it. It's extremely sad for the victims especially if they are silent or if they do speak but can't be heard.
Not at all. Most here haven't even given Fine the benefit of the doubt. As for jb, there hasn't been any evidence that he knew. If that comes, he is gone.
I was a Franco Harris fan as a kid, and today, I am a bigger fan today. Finally, someone stands up to the public lynching of Joe Paterno with very sketchy facts. Kudoes to Franco, for standing up for what is right.
Not at all. Right now this is not the same as PSU. That already went thru grand jury. Harris is a supporter of child molesters because he is thinking football only.
If JB knew what? Apparently the university, media, and police and I assume JB knew of the accusations in 2005. The police declined to investigate. The university did investigate and so apparently did the media. They found nothing to corraborate the accusations so they didn't pursue further. Now because of the PSU thing the accuser contacted the police again and they are looking into it. As they should. And the media is reporting that the police are looking into it.
good point cuseincincy, I meant that if it came out that jb knew that it was true like joepa did.

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